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Meet the ‘Insatiable Critic’ and her love affair with handbags

A Comprehensive Guide To Fall Handbags (All Under $300!)

Theyre not art objects, and in some cases theyre not particularly useful, because theyre too small. What appeals to me is how intricate some of them are and how complex and how they reveal a particular period of time. I love the artistic craft in many of these bags. I was looking at a few that are, amazingly, are in perfect condition. Someone has very lovingly replaced the silk lining and maybe even added a pocket.

Dallas Life: Linsey Stiles creates custom handbags in her garage

One of the sketches is a custom design for a client who wants a bag with a slot for a breast pump. She will have it manufactured going from my artwork at a factory of her choice, Stiles says. Another bag is designed to open efficiently and store a photographers gear. The customer wanted high style, easy access, a safe spot for an extra lens and pockets for memory cards. Another client wanted a bag with extra-long fringe, and Stiles was thrilled to experiment. The commission turned out so well that she decided to make more fringed bags, creating the fringe from leather in various colors and textures.

Read More Its that time of year again. Im not even going to say it. I will say, however, that were getting dangerously close to the point where it no longer makes sense to be carrying around tiny, brightly colored messenger bags and dainty clutches. No, my friends, we are officially within reach of carry-all hour. Its time to start singing the funeral dirge for your favorite summertime accessories, but fear not at least one of these 15 fall-ready totes and satchels is bound to suit your fancy and ease the pain.

Bentley launches capsule Handbag Collection

HSN Is Debuting Collections From David Meister, Dee Hilfiger, Hal Rubenstein, Joy Gryson And R.J. Graziano

HSN Is Debuting Collections From David Meister, Dee Hilfiger, Hal Rubenstein, Joy Gryson And R.J. Graziano

The Barnato is named after Diana Barnato, socialite daughter of Woolf Barnato, one of the original Bentley Boys and chairman of the company. She was an experienced Bentley driver and an accomplished aviatrix. Diana was the first British woman to break the sound barrier and always portrayed both daring and glamour in equal measure. The Continental is named for one of Bentleys famed model lines, used on successive generations of Grand Tourers since 1952 and the underpinning of the brands current success since the two-door Continental GT coupe was launched in 2003. Dr Reinhart adds: Just as the Bentley Boys are our historical racing heroes, and an iconic part of the brand, today there is an emerging culture of confident and successful women, Bentley Girls, with the same adventurous spirit. We are creating this luxurious and stylish handbag series to appeal exclusively to these modern women. Bentleys Head of Product Design, Daniele Ceccomori, has worked closely with renowned luxury leather bag designer and expert craftsman Vincent du Sartel to bring to life a wholly feminine interpretation of Bentleys design concepts, highlighting the brands contemporary elements. With the actual design of the handbags we wanted to create a strong link with some of the key features on our cars, says Ceccomori. Starting with the exterior profile and volume, we have drawn inspiration from the iconic shape present on the rear aspect of the boot lid of the car; the split side panels echo the wing-shaped buttresses of the interior dashboard and help to enhance dynamism and elegance, allowing to play with different material and colour finishes, a classic Bentley bespoke feature. Inside, the handbags unique level of features and finishes are offered to evoke the same exact impression of when stepping inside a Bentley; they are exclusively lined all in fine leather with quilting features and functional compartments, including a waterproof pouch, elegantly blending core Bentley aesthetic values with everyday functionality and practicality, like a Bentley car. Extensive attention has been dedicated to the execution of the details; the metal furniture with the typical knurled signature finish enhances luxury and the sense of craftsmanship unique only to the world of jewellery, in true Bentley style.

She will speak to how jackets, color, embellishments, texture, and leather and suede are so essential when creating new looks for Fall. “Our Fall Fashion series is all about easy ways to elevate your look,” says Anne Martin-Vachon, Chief Merchandising Officer for HSN. “By introducing lines from notables like Hal Rubenstein and David Meister, as well as expanding collections from leading HSN designers like Dee Hilfiger and R.J. Graziano, we are making high level fashion accessible for the every day.” Red carpet guru David Meister will debut his first HSN exclusive collection on September 26. David David Meister includes an assortment of day, evening and cocktail dresses inspired by David’s signature looks and best sellers. Long recognized as one of the most well-respected figures in fashion, David understands how to masterfully present the feminine form in a way that flatters curves and embodies glamour. The consumer friendly collection ranges from $149.90 to $259.90 with elevated fabrics in warm colors.

Bentley launches handbag collection

“The Continental” is pictured here in black. (Bentley Motors Limited) Related Content Aug 22, 2013 , Last Updated: 11:28 AM ET The luxury car manufacturer has announced a line of limited edition handbags, the first two models of which will be available this October. Bentley, the British automobile brand that is as synonymous with upscale style as it is with high performance sports cars, has turned its attention to women with a new collection of handbags. This prestigious line will be launched this fall in a limited edition, with prices starting at a4,500. The names of the first two models in the capsule collection set the tone: “The Continental” and “The Barnato.” The first honors Bentley’s signature automobile, first marketed in 1952, while the second is a nod to British aviatrix Diana Barnato, who is also the daughter of the Bentley Boy Woolf Barnato.