Camila Alves On Her New Muxo Handbags, Life With The Paparazzi

The designs come from all of my travels around the United States, which makes it a very American bag collection. Also, it was very important for me to try to include all different kinds of women. In designing the collection, it was very important to me that we cover all bases and try to create designs for women of all ages and senses of style. I feel that all women should be able to watch the handbags and I on-air and find something they love. You can also check out the bags online on QVC before and after the show. CBS: Do your kids like your handbags? Do your kids show a flair for fashion? CA: My kids love the handbags!
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The Real Message Behind Status Handbags?

According to the LA Times , roughly 150 shoppers lined up outside the store, one as early as 5 a.m., in anticipation of the 8 a.m. launch. Apparently, minutes after the doors opened, the racks were stripped. When Target employees rolled out a pallet with more highly prized handbags, some shoppers lost control. As soon as the OK was given, fashionistas by the fistful swarmed toward the bags, creating a 30-second scramble of shouting and flailing arms before the crowd picked the rack clean, according to the Times. The fall collection in collaboration with Target includes both mens and womens apparel and accessories ranging in price from $14.99 to $299.99 many items much cheaper than the usual Phillip Lim pricetag.
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Hankering For Handbags, Shoppers Swarm Target For 3.1 Phillip Lim Launch

Robertson 3.1 Phillip Lim

In one experiment, the women “drew luxury brand logos on handbags, shoes, T-shirts and cars that were about twice the size compared to those who did not imagine the jealous theme at the party,” wrote researchers Yajin Wang and Vladas Griskevicius. They also found that women said they would be less likely to pursue a man whose partner was wearing a luxury outfit and accessories because they perceived the man to be more devoted. “Whereas men often display luxury products to the opposite sex, women often seek to flaunt expensive possessions to the same sex,” the researchers wrote in the study, which is scheduled for publication in the Journal of Consumer Research. “In essence, Fendi handbags fend off romantic rivals, and flaunting designer products says, ‘Back off!'” the authors said. They added, however, that “mate guarding” is not the only reason women buy luxury goods. Past research has shown that such products also make women happy or are used to signal status and taste. More information The American Psychological Association offers advice on how couples can keep their relationship healthy .
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