16,000 Designer Handbags Seized By Customs

WATCH: Gucci celebrates Bamboo bag with short film Bamboo Confidential

Customs and Boarder Protection holds a low end bag used to cover up the counterfeit Hemes Handbags in shipping during a press conference to show counterfeit handbags seized at ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach stored in a U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection warehouse in Riverside, CA.
All Of Us noticed this really encouraging excellent news article located on http://www.pe.com/business/business-headlines/20130926-16000-designer-handbags-seized-by-customs.ece

Yep, it’s the Gucci Bamboo handbag. In celebration of the iconic wooden handle , Gucci has created a new short film. Starring the Bamboo Shopper and Lady Lock handbags, Bamboo Confidential is a tale of seduction and pursuit (apparently), which was shot in the luxurious setting of London’s Savoy hotel. If you’re a serious bag lady with a soft spot for Gucci, this might well be your film of the year.
One can find out a lot more starting from the original source at http://www.handbag.com/dsid_logout/?redirect=%2Fhandbags%2Fnews%2Fa521184%2Fwatch-gucci-celebrates-bamboo-bag-with-short-film-bamboo-confidential.html


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