Bag Lady: Victoria Beckham’s 100-strong Birkin Bag Collection That’s Worth £1.5m

Inspiration: Namesake of the classic Hermes bag, Jane Birkin

They’re okay. While the sharp Barnato bag ($7,000) has been inspired by Diana Barnato-Walker, the first British female pilot to break the sound barrier and of course, a lifelong Bentley fan, the more rounded Continental bag ($5,500) takes it cue from a Bentley of the same name. Colours include Fireglow Red, Linen, Neptune Blue and Imperial Blue, all taken from the Bentley paint finish palette, while the bags will initially only be sold via a series of trunk shows in the US, UK, Asia and Middle East. BENTLEY BAGS: The new Bentley handbag collection debuts 18 August. Keen?
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Bentley debut handbag collection

Shortly after, the bag she described arrived at her flat with a note from Dumas. Find your perfect handbag at the Daily Mail’s online Fashion Store While the bag may cost as much as a small car, it has since been touted by fashion press as an ‘investment’ piece – an item that will remain in style for years, if not decades. Certainly, the Birkin is proof of this, with waiting lists of up to three years. Inspiration: The classic Hermes bag is named after actress and singer Jane Birkin A spokeswoman for Hermes explained that the lengthy production times were due to a combination of the advanced craftsmanship involved in making the bag, and the limited availability of particular colours or skins. Communications director Fiona Rushton said: ‘If someone is looking for a classic Birkin bag – in a regular leather, colour and size – the lead time is significantly lower. ‘It is not and has never been, Hermes intention to create an artificial waiting list.
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