Uashmama Dresses Up Paper Bags

The top 10 handbag designers in Toronto Photo: Courtesy Quel Objet Quel Objet, a website with French gifts ranging from table linens…
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Quel Objet, a website with French gifts ranging from table linens to ceramics to products for the bath or kitchen pantry, offers a new line of handbags made of washable paper. The line is called Uashmama and features small bags for stashing objects, tote bags and even lunch bags. They range in price from $20 to $112. Photo: Courtesy Quel Objet

Opelle Amy Malcolm’s handmade leather bags are making waves, quietly popping up in Canadian fashion editorials and on the arms of the fashion-forward. She began with the Lotus, a gracefully-paneled, teardrop-shaped satchel, and expanded into a slew of bags all rendered in locally-sourced leather so soft, I’m always tempted to start stroking my computer screen while looking at their web store… Jolie Ivy Chen designs for the professional on the go: her handbags are kitted out with a telescoping handle and wheels, as well as plenty of interior compartments for those important documents. Jolie bags are trickling into stores around Toronto, but the line is already sharing virtual shelf space with the likes of Rebecca Minkoff and Diane Von Furstenberg on eLuxe . Bookhou Bookhou certainly doesn’t limit themselves to handbags. The husband-and-wife design duo’s Dundas West store is a one-stop shop for ceramics and textiles, all designed in-house.
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