Catherine Malandrino Launching Handbags

Done Your Email was not sent. Done Most Recent Articles In Fashion Scoops Most Recent Articles In Fashion Scoops Lauren McCarthy IN THE BAG: Catherine Malandrino is venturing into handbags. The brand has inked a multiyear handbag license with Accessory Headquarters. AHQ understands the DNA of Catherine Malandrino and is positioned to expand the collection with retail partners, said Ralph Gindi, chief operating officer of Bluestar Alliance, the parent company of Catherine Malandrino. Under the new license, AHQ plans to launch two categories within the Catherine Malandrino portfolio: Catherine Malandrino label, a premiere leather collection, and Catherine Catherine Malandrino, a secondary collection of faux leather designs. Price points for Catherine Malandrino range from $200 to $700, while Catherine by Catherine Malandrino are set between $75 and $150. The first designs will roll out for the Fall/Holiday 2014.
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