Purse Spring 2013 Trends: Color Blocked Bags Continue

Paris Fashion Week Designers color-blocked shiny colors for spring 2012 season and primarily neutrals in the slip 2012 season. For spring/summer 2013, makers in London and Paris, Milan, New York color-blocked soft neutrals, pastels, bright colors and unique themes for the upcoming warm weather months. This wide selection of color blocking presents many different color combinations to purse enthusiasts to choose from for springtime 2013 when apparel is likely to be lighter in color and smoother in fabrications than 2012. The primary purse styles which were color blocked around the spring/summer 2013 runways in Paris, Milan, Nyc and London were the top handle satchel, the shoulder bag and the day clutch. These happen to be dominant bag variations within the last few years and are showing no sign of reducing for 2013. Bag supporters who invested in color-blocked clutches and satchels in the past year come in luck; these fortunate consumers may well not need certainly to buy a new handbag for the upcoming spring/summer 2013 period! For handbag lovers who would like to purchase color-blocked bags for the forthcoming spring/summer 2013 year, look for smooth neutrals, shades of orange and bright colors such as yellow, green and white.
Bought from: http://www.examiner.com/guide/spring-2013-handbag-traits-color-blocked-purses-continue

Custom handbag crook bags 18-month sentence

Handbags on sale in a department store But the whole extent of her legal activity was unveiled when authorities examined CCTV footage from other retailers she had qualified. Rand sailed the nation during her three-year spree, visiting shopping centers in Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham. The court previously observed that the 905 custom bags and bags Rand accepted stealing were worth around 135,000 wholesale. Their combined retail value might have been about 200,000 after their particular profit proportion was added by retailers for the price. Randis shoplifting spree leaped from December 2009 to December 2012. The stolen things were transformed by her to money by promoting the bags on eBay. She produced 88,000 marketing the purses, which were snapped up at around half the normal cost by eager consumers ignorant that they were stolen products.
First discovered at http://www.theguardian.com/uk-media/2013/march/18/custom-handbag-robber-18-month-word


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