Tod’s Shifting From Warm Loafers To Bring Back Revenue – Organization Core

“We are trying to send the message that Tod’s is not any longer simply a great producer of high-quality shoes, but also that it is more and more becoming a ‘maison’,” Chief Financial officer Emilio Macellari told Reuters. For luxury goods companies, handbags, wallets and other accessories are easier to sell because they don’t require a particular fit. A clothes line helps drive those accessory sales by giving the label – and the shop window – the allure of a collection and ensuring magazine spreads. Lately a slowdown in China, once the sector’s growth engine, has hit profits across the luxury goods business. But Tod’s high reliance on lower-margin shoes is widely seen as being to blame for sharper falls in sales and profits than its peers have seen.

Fashion Trend Report: Patterned Bags – Fashion Trend Report – StyleBistro

Fashion Trend Report: Printed Bags Emporio Armani, Prada, Fendi ImaxTree Designers including Giorgio Armani for Emporio Armani , Miuccia Pradafor Prada andSilvia Venturini Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi accessorized their runway looks with printed bags at the shows. At Emporio Armani, washed-out floral patterns lent a feminine touch to menswear-inspired clothing. Prada dabbled in both bold color and Pop Artesque profiles of women on its bags. At Fendi, fluid, eye-catching prints were among the statement bags shown. Celebrities known for pushing the fashion envelope have been quick to embrace this trend. Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have been seen toting bags straight from Prada’s runway.


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